Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Its your Choice//Final Print

Today i printed the final publication and bound it together. I used the same method to bind it together as i do for my last project; Japanese Stitching. This time round i scored the front and back cover near the edge of string, to fold back the front and back cover, this meant that the pages on the inside could be bent back further to see the whole page. This worked a lot better and made the publication better to read.

I am really happy with this publication, the print of it isn't the best, but i can't really do anything about the quality of the print! But i like the overall design of it and i think it works really well. I was bait worried about the pattern designs because they are really simple, but with the colour they look excellent. The idea of keeping them simple and portraying the colour experimentation has worked good and i think is shown throughout this. 
I like the layout of the informative pages at the beginning of the publication too, i think that the layout works well for information, it gives it that sort of report/corporal look, which tends to go well with lots of information, i think in contrast with the colourful pattern design section brings the publication to life and adds something when you turn onto these pages because you don't really expect it.

Getting the binding right and adapting the front and back covers to work better within the publication has made it come together well and added that finishing touch to the publication. All in all i am happy with the final product and hopefully it will teach some people about colour experimentation and colour theory!

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