Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Postage Stamps//First Day Cover

After creating the stamps and the booklet for them, we had to produce a first day cover, this is something that is made when a set of stamps are being released. It includes all the stamps within the set, with an explanation of them and then stamped on the day they are released.

To start with i put my stamps onto a blank envelope

I was originally going to scan this in and then add the rest of the details digitally onto the envelope and then print it out again. But then i found out that the envelope has to have the original stamps stuck onto it. I did the digital version anyway, after i had done this i realised that the digital stamp i had made wasn't really that visible over the top of the stamps, so i think doing it the other way will prove best.

So after doing this i realised that the stamps had to be physically stuck onto the envelope, so i decided to print the digital part off and then add the stamps on top, to then stamp them with the date it was released; 24.03.2012.

This is the final first day cover which includes all the relevant information needed for it.

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