Thursday, 24 May 2012

Who are you//Printed Final Spread

From working on this spread quite a while ago, i came back to finish it off today by adding in the relevant images, these were of some of kathryns work, which i think adds to the spread. The work i chose is in keeping with the design and feel of the spread.

I am happy with this spread. I think that it puts kathryn over well, because the article is about the interview i did with her, i have asked some further questions to add into the content of the spread, but the majority was from the interview. I included some of her work, which was the work that i got the whole idea of the spread from; 60's. 
I like the illustration the most, i think this sets off the spread and attracts your eye to it straight away, with the use of the line going through the middle this then draws you to the article to find out more. 

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