Tuesday, 15 May 2012

OUGD406 Final Crit

We had a final crit which took place over all our OUGD406 work. There was elements of it being just on the final brief of its your choice.
The main part of this crit was to look at each other blogs and see how they are working. As the tutors say that they look on them the most, they need to be easily accessible so they can find the right information for each brief.

- blog is kept up to date, well labelled on the side, easy to access everything and find all the relevant information for each module/brief.
- All work on there is to a high standard, clearly illustrates the design process going through each brief from start to finish.
- Everything is labelled.
- Good amount of work for each brief, blogged well.
- Consistent throughout all briefs.
- Each blog post is evaluated within, and the whole briefs are evaluated throughout.
- Research is present and labelled to each brief, can see what have been looking at for each one.

- Make sure all briefs have same amount of work on blog than others (its your choice)
- Dont blog too much, some may have too many posts - merge posts together to make bigger posts
- Photos on blog to be better quality - can't always see what they are of.
- Make sure everything is on the right blog - research on context blog, work on practice
- Hand drawn design sheets and development not all on

Overall blog is very well kept, always easy to follow, shows all the work have done for the briefs, illustrates start to finish. Very good.

Its your choice
- Really good idea
- Easy to understand
- Professional standard within publication
- Good colour experimentation throughout the design section.
- Maybe more hand drawn design sheets
- Useful for most people, as found it hard to understand at first, this explains each contrast well and then illustrates within the pattern designs.

- Printed black and white, but that obviously because don't have a print slot
- Print to high standard to get the best quality out of the book.
- Nothing really bad to say about it!

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