Wednesday, 16 May 2012

OUGD406 End of Module Evaluation

What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

Throughout this module I have carried on developing the skills that I have previously learnt.

In this module the main thing that I have learnt was within the D&AD brief, this brief for me was a big learning curve. As the products for the brief were to produce a series of posters, which I decided to do them in a illustrative style. This sort of work I haven’t really done before and was something new to me, so I didn’t know how well it was going to turn out. In the end I was really pleased with the outcome and thought that I had done a good job of it. The posters worked well as a series and I thought they tied in well with the brief.

The other brief which I learnt skills on was the stamp brief, this was an interesting brief, one of my favourite, but the format of the stamps was the challenge, I haven’t really worked at this small a format before and it was good to design around such constraints. The concept which I had for the brief went down really well and the end products of the brief were good in my opinion and I received good feedback from them.

In the other briefs, I have carried on the skills which I have been learning throughout the year, for its your choice, I produced a publication, again something which I feel comfortable with doing and what I find interesting. For this I wanted to produce a publication on a different format to normal, so I decided to do a a5 landscape publication, I also wanted to push the layout of the inside of the publication, which I feel that I have experimented with this and got the best result for it.

What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?

For this module I wanted to focus on developing the design sheets that I do for each brief. I wanted to make sure that I was coming up with the ideas and developing them before I started to design them digitally, this would help my process in which I work and show more thought process throughout my brief. Doing this also develops the ideas and makes it better in the end. For the majority of these briefs within this project I feel as though I have achieved this, especially on the rain brief and even more on the postage stamps brief. For these two briefs I thought out my initial ideas, then further developed them on paper in rough, first before I took them digitally. This did help me within making the products for the briefs and I feel as though I did have a better final outcome because of this.
What strengths can you identify in you work and how have/will you capitalise on these?

I feel as though the strengths within this module were on the briefs that I pushed myself more on. The postage stamp brief I believe was my best brief and this is because I chose a subject on which I found interesting and which I could relate to. This brief worked out the best because I went through the design process thorough, doing research, initial ideas, developing these ideas both hand drawn and digital and then producing the final products. I feel as though because of this this was my strongest brief. So I would say that my strengths has been the design process within this module, this is what I have been trying to work on the most.

I would say that its your choice brief was quite strong aswell, I think this is because I love to create publications and find editorial work really interesting, so this came into my element, but also because I had to revisit the work on colour theory and get a better understanding in order to produce a publication that made sense and was helpful to people. From doing this I understood the idea of colour theory more myself and will be able to take that into future projects with me.
What weaknesses can you identify in you work and how will you address these in the future?
I think this defiantly was the communication is a virus brief; the group brief. I don’t believe that this was a weakness because the group didn’t work together because we did, everyone worked well and we all came together well throughout the process of the brief. Everyone within the group contributed to the work and we all worked along the same lines.

The weakness within this was our idea and concept. We came up with one idea and wanted to stick with it, we got caught up on one aspect of the brief and couldn’t work around this. It was the concept that we came up with to answer the brief that wasn’t strong enough, it wasn’t well thought out enough and just didn’t work. As a group we understood the whole idea of the brief and how it worked in relation to the brief, but when it came to the public/ rest of the course to see it and understand it, they didn’t understand it.

I think from this I have learnt that you cant always believe that one concept is going to work and that just because you understand it, it doesn’t mean that the audience you are doing it for will. I have learnt that when trying to explain the concept, if I cant do it/know one understands it from the explanation then the concept is no good and shouldn’t be carried through.

This has shown me that I need to develop the idea of the concept and should thoroughly think it through and try to develop this to the maximum I can to get the best out of it.

Identify five things that you will do differently next and what do you expect to gain from doing these?
- Think through the concept of every brief to the best ability – in doing this I will make sure that the concept and idea of the brief will be easily understood.

- Push myself throughout a brief – pushing my design work and my abilities within a brief will make my work better in the long run and I will produce higher quality work.

- Finish a brief off all together before moving onto the next – Finishing a brief all at once and making sure all the work is done will make sure that it is all together and I wont have to go back and keep doing little bits whilst on another brief, this just wastes time and means I have less time on other briefs.

- Time management – Making sure I manage my time to best of my ability and get the most out of a day to get more work done for a brief. Planning my days out should help me achieve this.

- Feedback – Getting feedback from peers within the course group throughout the brief will get opinions on my work as I am producing it, this can give me positive and negative feedback which will inform me if I am on the right lines on producing the final outcomes.

Attendance = 5

Punctuality = 5

Motivation = 4

Commitment = 4

Quantity of work produced = 4

Quality of work produced = 5

Contribution to the group = 5

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