Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Postage Stamps//Final Designs

From revising the work i had originally done, taking the feedback from the final crit into consideration here are the final designs for my postage stamps.
In the crit the main feedback was that i should have the stamps different colours because with them all being the same you just see a blur, so i have taken that on board and did some experimenting. I didn't really like any of the further experiments with the colour when i was doing it digitally, but once i printed them it all changed. The ones with the different shades of red are my favourite. This is also more in keeping with the project because a red road sign, is telling you something; a demand. Which is what these stamps are doing, they are telling you that if you do this when driving you will save however much fuel. 
The different shades do work really well, because when you look it, you can see the 6 different colours because they stand out at you in different hierarchies. This means you do actually read them all, so the user would read each one and see what they are on about, hopefully taking it on board and saving some fuel.

The rest of the design is the same as before, i have just moved the text from the covers in more, so its away from the edges of the page and made the type on the back of the booklet bigger, so you can read it.

Overall these stamps are my favourite, i think they work the best for the outcome of brief and has been one of my favourite/enjoyable briefs. I would love to take this further and make into a campaign or something.

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