Monday, 14 November 2011

Final crit

From the crit on friday i got 2 feedback forms.

From reading the crit forms the majority of the feedback is positive, both saying that they like the design of mailer and the content used in it. Both said that they tie in with the previous poster, only that the colours are slightly different, but i am going to reprint the poster on the same paper as the mailer because after printing the mailers i prefer how it looks on that stock to the white card.
The only thing they both said were that the mailers could of been directed to an actual company, to give it abit more relevance. Both said that the message was given across after reading the whole thing. 

To explain back to them, the mailers were meant to be a light hearted thing you get through the post to brighten up your day in the morning and give you something to laugh at when getting ready for work. With the stories inside this was the link to the window cleaners and a scenario that pretty much everyone has had happen to them, so they can relate back to the mailer. The message i feel was given across in the two bits which fold out, i explained about the proverb. 
The reason i didnt link the mailer to an actual company is because i didn't think my proverb would work in relation to a real company. Yes the idea of 'nobody is perfect' can be related to anyone but to make a good relationship between the proverb and a window cleaning company to make a good effect i didn't think would work/ be a strong concept. I preferred the route that i went down.

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