Monday, 28 November 2011


In todays workshop we were looking at infographs and how you simply things down to just symbols to represent something.
To start with we did a timeline of our life including significant points.



After this we used our researched we had done on our How to question.
First we had to find 20 facts out of all our research:
- Heat and water cause clothes to wrinkle
- Cotton is the worst fabric to crease
- 'Wash & wear' is a finish to stop fabrics creasing
- Ironing services charge between £1-5 per item on average
- Alternate folding when packing clothes is the best way to avoid creasing
- Steaming clothing/ placing in a hot room can remove light creases
- Natural fibre clothing is the worst from creasing
- (out of 19 people) 73.7% dont care if their clothes crease whilst travelling
- 31.6% of these people would re-iron their clothes if they got creased
- 68.4% of people use a holdall when travelling with clothes
-84.2% of these neatly fold there clothes when packing
- Wrinkle free clothing can be bought
- Cotton needs to be ironed at a high temperature to get rid of creases
- packing a light load of clothes will decrease creasing
- wool doesn't wrinkle
- friction within a bag causes clothes to wrinkle
- 68% iron there clothes in the first place
- the annual salary of a dry cleaner & press worker is 19,540
- put heavy objects to the bottom or side of your bag
- creases are formed by bonds in the fabric making new bonds and changing shape
- laundries have a cash flow of around 15,000 - 200,000 a day

From these facts i chose 5 of them to create a infograph:

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