Thursday, 1 December 2011

how to...

From the research task we had over the assessment week we started to look at infographs and you create them from the information you had ( post below). I felt that mine didnt really lend to this as i didnt have many figures etc which work best for info graphs. But i tried something anyway.

From doing that exercise we were put into groups according to our 'how to' question. I was put into travel. Within our group we had questions of the following:
1. how to travel crease free
2. How to book cheap plane tickets
3. How to obtain a passport
4. How to get a hotel room upgrade
5. How to canoe

We found that all of questions pretty much linked together apart from the 5th one. When we were thinking of ideas to start off with we were thinking of something for business people as all these questions sort of link into that.
We left it at some sort of guide for a business man and that everyone was going to research into elements that would be relevant to the guide.
In the end we have all decided to come up with our own concept based around the basic idea and do our own research etc for the crit on friday. This would be so that we could go into the crit with multiple ideas and have alot more choices to work from.

I decided that i was going to concentrate on the essentials things that a business person would need on a business trip.

These are just some pictures of my ideas into the idea. The thing i would need to include in the guide. 

I did also think of some other ideas on the format of the guide:
A normal leaflet / booklet - this is what i am working on at the minute.
A fold out booklet
Something interactive - online/pdf

From this i devised what i needed to research into for the information in the guide, which is all on my context blog.

From this i came up with some quick sketches of what the design of the pages would be like, i am going to expand on these more if we decide to go with my idea.

front cover designs

title pages designs

info layout pages

These were just quick sketches that i could show to the group/crit to get my idea across i will do more of these.

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