Wednesday, 21 December 2011

100 things...

So for the research we were given for over the christmas holiday we have to use what we have done so for in this module; for me this is looking into travelling as a business man and all things business and how to travel crease free and find a theme/subject that we like/find interest in to research further. The brief is called 100 things, because we have to find
100x photos/images/objects/locations/people/words/quotes/facts/stats and measurements, we have to find at least 3 of these on our chosen subject.
To start with i had no idea what i was going to chose to look into as i didn't really find business that interesting and that was the full majority of the research.

I looked at all the work i had researched into to start with and wrote down the key subjects that i researched into, from these i expanded out the ideas to some things that i was more interested that weren't linked so much to the main subject of business.

In the end i decided four areas that i would find the most interesting and want to look into in more detail, these were:
- Travelling - backpacking
- Mac vs Pc
- Business - setting up your own
- Money - saving money - students and money

The majority of these aren't really anything obviously linked to business but in a way they all are. As a lot of my research was about travelling in some way i decided to go with the travelling one. Also i am a great lover of travelling, its definatley a love of mine. I am going to look at travelling in general and also focus on backpacking as well. I did plan to go backpacking myself for a month or so last summer and have been travelling with my family around australia, so i feel that this subject fits in with me very well. I am wanting to go travelling at some point in the future too, so this could all help me!

To start with i thought of some ideas for researching into the subject:
- talking to people i know that have been travelling - 4 people
- estate agents
- surveys

- online estate agents
- tips and stats off websites
- travel planners

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