Thursday, 1 December 2011


From the sketches that i did, i worked up a couple of visuals that i could use to show in the crit/to the group for the sort of style that i was going for with the guide.

Front cover designs

For some of the elements in the design i used illustrator to make them.

This again is another design that i have worked up quickly, a few variations of the design. I think i like the first one on the second line the best. I did like the last one, but looking at it now the title of the guide doesnt stand out enough.

Out of all of these designs my favourite are the tag one and the aeroplane and immigration tags on. These would be the two i would design better if this idea was to be carried forward for our final outcome.

Layout pages

Here i have done some layout pages of what the pages inside could be laid out. I have filled the text with just a text filler so you can get the idea of how the text will be laid out. Font and font sizes aren't the ones in the final outcome. I did this just to give myself some guidelines on what i would be working to and also to show my group and in the crit the style the guide would be. I think the why they are all laid out is clean and ordered and reflects that of a business person so i think it fits in well for the audience.

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