Monday, 12 December 2011

Design Principles

Within the latest design principles workshops we have been split into 3 different groups.
In the first week i went and did the photography induction. In this we spent the morning learning more about cameras and how to use them properly. I had already had photography lessons within my course at college but i still learnt more things during this induction too. It was really good and i enjoyed it. We got to work with lighting too. In the end we were photographing coloured objects on different backgrounds, experimenting with the lighting too. Photography Workshop

In the second week, we were again working with photography except this time we were given something to photograph within the college mine was the letter 'A'. For this i just decided to go around college and photograph anything which had a letter 'A' in it. Once we had done this we had to take our images back to the studio, we then had to think of a focus for a small project. Basically in the next week we have to go out into leeds and photograph to our focus we have come up. To decided our focus we looked through all of our imagery we had taken.
I initially thought of doing sentences or words with the letter 'A' in.
But now i want to change it to: The letter 'A' in different fonts.
I have changed it to this because i think it will be more appealing to me, i love type and different ways a letter can be shown just by the font it is designed in, so doing this will make me more enthusiastic about it. letter a

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