Saturday, 3 December 2011


After our crit on friday we did really come together as a group on this idea and got alot done.
After the decision on the actual idea was made, we all went away and did further research into each area we chose. When we had all done this we came back together as a group and discussed the idea more.

We thought that the initial categories and things to put in it were to much so we narrowed the whole thing down to two countries; North America and China, we choose these as they are the two biggest countries for business trip and the two biggest in comparisons.
We slightly changed the idea and now it is going to become a comparison of the two countries throughout the guide. The guide is now split down into 3 categories; preparation, communication and organisation. These three categories were made up of the same things as before but we have got rid of some as we thought they might be a little patronising to a businessman.

The format of the guide is still staying as passport size except when you look at it, it is going to be portrait, but then inside it will be landscape; this is the same as an actual passport and it gives us more room to lay out the inners of the guide. To separate each of the sections of the guide we are going to use a block of colour at the edge of the page in the centre, top and bottom this will be easy to see when flicking through the guide. The colour scheme is going to be black for the text then using burgundy as the main colour; again represents the passport.

For printing the guide we have gone for a different technique. As we found out that the digital print room is fully booked next week, we have decided to go for screen printing it all. This is a technique that i am very fond of and be apart of alot of this bit. Also the front cover is going to be letter pressed/embossed or de-bossed. When we decided to do this, the whole project became alot better for me, these techniques are my favourite and i cannot wait to get stuck in doing them. I think this will give the guide a whole different feel and something that alot of the other groups wont think of (hopefully). The paper we will use is off-white sugar paper.

Inside the guide we are going to keep text to a minimal, because of screen print and because we are trying to make it all info graphs/ instructions as these aim to our audience alot more, it also makes the guide more visual and easy to read. If we get the info graphs right there shouldnt need to be any text anyway. Each subject in the guide we be a double page spread comparing the differences in china and North America, this theme will carry on through.

Included in the guide will be business card holders and a receipt compartment, the last section of the guide is also aimed at the businessman actually using the guide, the practical side having a notes sections, itinerary and year planner so they can keep up to date with everything!

Each member of the group now has there own things to research into, once we have found this we will turn the research into infographs. Over the weekend we are going to do rough sketches of these to bring on monday where all these will be illustrated ready for the guide to be printed.

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