Monday, 5 December 2011


I have been thinking of ideas for my Typogateaux entry, I decided from the start that i didn't want to do a cake, as i thought everyone would do this and wanted to try something different.
I looked at some recipes online to see what sort of dessert/cake i could make.

General research into desserts

From looking at desserts on the bbc website i decided that i wanted to do something with jelly/gelatine. I thought that this would look really good and its something different to do. I couldn't find any sort of recipe on the bbc website for this, so i searched in google.

Here are some images of jelly desserts.

I really like the idea of the ones either layered up or colours within each other.
After looking further i found out that the one with colours inside each other was called Stain Glass Jello and it is really easy to make. So this is what i am going to go with. 
Now just the design!

Design Ideas
1. Cake in the shape of a semi-colon - ';'
The semi colon will be split into two different cakes
- top circle will be vanilla sponge cake
- bottom part will be chocolate cake
- cover both parts with icing.

2. & made out of jelly.
Using the idea shown above as what i researched into.
- stain glass jello effect
- cut shape of '&' glyph into the jelly
- maybe some text aswell?
     - LCA BAGD
     - TYPE
     - GRAPHICS                      ideas for text could be
     - GLYPH
     - JELLO

3. Vanilla sponge cake that spells out TYPOGATEUX.
- each letter cut out of sponge cake
- cover each letter with icing
- add food colourings to icing and link to pantone colour

I am going to go with idea 2 as i like the aesthetics of the stain glass jello and think it is something different that others might not think of. I am unsure weather to have text as well as the '&' glyph. I might wait and see how much jelly is produced first.

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