Monday, 26 December 2011

100 things…Planning

So i thought i better get a plan down before i started this mamoth research stint, i had a quick brainstorm of basic things i could research into, just so i had a starting point, im sure more and more will crop up when i start searching the web!
So like i said before im going to base my research on travelling with it being the holiday side of things.

General research:
Types holidays
Attractions to different places
Languages in holidays
Time year to go
When to book/ who to use
What need with you

Facts about holidays:
When most holidays taken
Where most holidays are
Amount spent on holidays
Who goes on what holidays
Popular places

Within my research i want to focus it on backpacking.
Backpacking/ touring holidays:
Length of
Where best to go
Where you can go
Essentials needed
What to look out for
Tips for backpacking
What to do out there
Where to book
How to plan
What to plan
% money
Facts to find:
Amount money spent
Best places to go

Just some quick thoughts of other facts i could try find, ones that are abit off to the side.
Random facts:
% things people forget
% things people loose
% people get sunburnt
% dissapointed with holiday
% plane journeys a year
% fuel used - how much cost
% green house gases - eco

People know that been on backpacking holidays
Estate agents
Places to look online
Travel guide books
Word of mouth

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