Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Finished Info graphs

Once i had designed the info graphs in the first place i realised that i hadn't been doing them to scale to fit onto the pages in the guide. This wasn't deliberate but in the end worked out well because the size of them is so small i wouldn't of been able to design them to that size from the start.

For the graphs that were taking up the main part of the page they were to fit into a area of 60mm x 60 mm.
The smaller ones or ones which acted as key to the main ones were to fit into 60mmx30mm.

This makes the graphs quite small so when i was reducing them down the shapes of this were distorted and i had to reduce all the line sizes etc to make them be viewable at the smaller scale.

Time taken from one city to another

This is the graph shrunk down to the right size, as you can see it very hard to read and all the shapes looked really squashed up.
After re adjusting all the line point sizes and spaced it all out into the right sized are this is the final info graph for this section. The text will be added in Indesign.

Again the shapes look really squashed up and the shape of the drawings dont fit right as they have been shrunk down.
The finished info graph for America.

Both info graphs together to see how they both look next to each other and how they compare.

Time taken to travel from one city to another via plane

Both images have been shrunk down to the size they would need to be to fit into the guide. The plane shape has been distorted and doesnt really resemble it anymore as has the text on the graph. This wouldnt really be readable or of any use.

Once resized with the text on, with the text it was including the destinations of each graph but this would be too small to see on the graph.

I decided that i would use just the miles of each journey for on the actual graph as this is easier to see and works alot better. I will make a key for the three graphs to show which is what journey.
Both info graphs together.

For the key of the graph i am going to put the planes at different opacities and this form which one represent each journey.

Currency - to represent the conversions between GBP to CNY and USD

Again this is the shrunk down version of the graph and the bar chart part of it is not readable at all. To redesign this i am going to make it alot more simpler and therefore easier to read.
This is the basic graph without any of the information on it. I think this is alot easier to read but i think it needs to currency conversions on it to make any sense

Graph with the currency conversions on. I think this works better and makes alot more sense when reading it.

Both graphs together.

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