Thursday, 8 December 2011

logo design

As we had decided that we were going to call it the travelling businessman and had an idea that the logo would be two hands shaking, i mocked up a quick design of the logo to put on the Indesign document so we could see what it would look like.

Working with the pen tool to get the lines right. Joining everything up and getting rid of line i don't need.

The logo drawn out, with no outline because i don't want one on the final image as it doesn't really need it and doesnt look very good between the two hands.

Finished logo, with colour added. I kept it within the shades of grey because i thought it would look best again the yellow front cover.

The group liked the idea of the hands, but wanted it to do more with travel so it conveyed the idea of a travelling businessman, so mikey worked on it more and added the flags to the hands. We are going to use his version as the final logo.

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