Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Change in Idea…….Again

So today we came together as a group; well part of the group. We looked at what we had had done and we werent very happy with it.
Eve had brought in a magazine which was for business, inside it was full of info graphs for business and it looked so nice and neatly laid out; it was just right for a business man. This is when we decided that what we had done wasnt right.
The size of the guide was too small for the info graphs to be read properly and making it bigger would allow us to add some text in it too. We have decided to keep the front cover really simple with a small logo and calling it 'the travelling businessman'. This all fits in well and looks better. The guide will now be A5. This makes it easier for printing as when it prints out it will be A4, so we wont have to do any sort of cutting down, we will just have to bind it together.
We went and looked at stock and decided to use the same for the inside; off - white sugar paper and the outer to be in mango yellow, this was to bring a bit of colour to it and make it stand out.

Alot of what we have decided on today is moving away from what we first initially set out we were doing but we tried that and it defiantly wasnt going to work or look anywhere near to the standard it needed to be.

After this we started to get everything together. I started to put the guide together on Indesign. I did have to resize everything i had done yesterday with my info graphs, but hey gotta do it! I got the info graphs off eve and nicky, so i could drop these into the document too.
We have still kept the things in the document like we were going to:
- compare each section throughout between the two countries.
- have mainly info graphs with small amounts of text.
- have the coloured sections down the side to tell which section is which.

Basically the only difference is that we have increased the sized of the guide and now not embossing/debossing the front cover.

Inside the guide we have decided we will use 'Helvetica' as this is a simple font and will work well with the info graphs, its also easy to read at different point sizes.

Point sizes:
title - 22pt
labelling/info graphs - 10pt
body text - 8pt
These are going to be the point sizes we work to.

As i am comfortable and confident with Indesign i said i would put everything together and add the little extra to it:
- page numbering
- section titling

If i have time i am also going to make it into an interactive PDF too. This could be used on a businessman's laptop or phone. Very fitting!

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