Thursday, 8 December 2011

The printing process

After designing the guide on Indesign it was time to print it out!
This was something that i had never done straight from Indesign before especially to make it into a booklet with double sided print too. To make sure i got it right i got help from simon in the mac suite.
Turns out its pretty easy to do it:
File > Print booklet > Print settings > Choose colour printer/black and white printer > check print blank pages > check scale to fit.

Printer > layout > landscape > A4 > Short - edge bind.

Page setup > A4 > Landscape > select printer


Process of printing
As i put the temporary logo into the document as a placement whilst we designed the proper one, we then decided to print this onto different stock so didn't put it into the final document. I forgot to take the placement one out and it got printed in the final print!

to try and rectify this we tried to print just the page we needed, instead we got the full spread….DUH!

In the end after a bit of fiddling around with the print settings and document we got the page we needed to replace.

All pages printed out, in the right order.

Trimming the edges of the pages down.

We had a border down the edge of the page to act as a finder in the guide, so you can find a section easily, because we had to scale to fit the document to print it these weren't right at the edge, so we trimmed it down to make it be.

Folding the pages in half, getting it exactly right

The guide folded up and the temporary front cover.

What it will look like, except this is only the temporary cover as we haven't printed the final one out yet, just to show what it will look like.

Fist spread of the guide.

Another spread of the guide

Middle of the guide

Inside front cover; we originally designed the front cover to have a business card holder on the inside of the cover, we feel like this doesnt really have place within the guide and kind of looks a bit out of place in it, so we have decided to take it out. This means we can now stick the first and last page to the back of the front cover, so when you open it it comes straight into the guide.

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