Tuesday, 6 December 2011


After we made the decision that the inside of the guide was going to be based upon infographs, we split it all up and started to design them individually. After doing my initial sketches and then developing them further, i got down to a simple info graph which will cover the topic that i am designing.
The sections which i am doing are:
Travel - Time and distance to get from main business cities in each country on a plane.
Currency - Conversions of GBP to CNY and USD
Language - How the language of each country is dispersed throughout and simple phrases of each country. 

Travel - For the time to get from one city to another via plane, i thought of using the idea of a clock. I would split it down to hour and minutes, which the hands of clock would show this. e.g 88 minutes = 1h 28 mins - little hand at 1 big hand at 28. I think this is an effect way of showing the time and relates to time.
Getting the angle of the hands right - each number split down to 30 degrees.
Adjusting the hands to the middle of the clock face

Adding the text of the cities travelling to and from and the time taken, putting it back into minutes.

Centring everything together.

Aswell as the clocks i wanted to get across that these times were for travelling on a plane, so i thought that putting a plane above the clocks will represent this.

The two designs of planes to use.

All the info graph put together with a vary of the plane design. I think that i prefer the plane on an angle, it adds to the design with more white space around it giving it more area to breath, but it also communicates that its about the plane travel time as it looks like the plane is taking off.

For the distance from one city to another, again i did it via plane. I chose travelling by train because this is the easiest way to travel across both countries as they are so big.
For this info graph on china i used the same design of the plane and added a line at the back as the wind the engines produce, this would be bigger as the distance increases.

Basic design of the info graph with the text and distances added. I think it may need a key to make more sense so they can work out the distance themselves. But then it may not need to text and distances added on it?

Finish info graph with key and text, i decided to put both on as it will be small in the guide so hard to work out, so putting the text on it will make it a lot easier to comprehend.

American info graph on the distance to travel to other cities. I have used the same idea as above except changing the information on it.

Info graph with key and text

finished info graph with key the right way and text.

Currency - for this info graph i am using the conversions to show the amount of different currencies in GBP to the countries money. The idea is that the audience can look it at and have an idea of what something is worth back home or what there money will be worth in the countries currency. For this i am going to work with £1, £2, £5, £10, £20. The graph will work as symbols for the GBP and then a bar graph coming off these to show comparison between china and america.

Symbols for the currency to convert to

Bars which will be coming off the symbols to create the bar graph. Each one doubles in size to show the amount increasing.

Finished graph with key and numbers added. The key is to show what the bars represent; black = USD, outline = CNY. The currency amount that the bar is represented is displayed next to it, so the audience know that actual amount and not just the comparison between the two countries.

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