Friday, 2 December 2011

Crit feedback

Today we had our first crit, which we voiced our ideas and ways of thinking for our ideas.
We went into the crit with our different ideas that everyone had, and explained these all to amber and jo. We then discussed the sort of ways we want to take the project and what we want to get our of it.
Throughout the different ideas there was alot of them which were very similar but different in there own way.

The ideas that they liked were:
- pocket sized guide
- having room to store business cards etc
- other useful elements in it e.g notes, itinary to make the user actually use it.
- focussed on a certain area
- quirky ideas of the business things - how to fold shirts, pack a bag. Hand gestures in different countries.
- being light hearted but yet serious at the same time - getting the tone right for it.

Things they said they didn't like:
- stereotyping business people
- watch for being sexist towards female and male business people
- focus on smaller area of world - not as many countries
- dont over load on information, its only a small format
- not to patronise business people

Ideas they gave us:
- tear/removable pages
- maybe separate idea for male female
- illustrated inside - less text to read.
- aimed at business people more - sections within it
- either make it serious about business or light hearted.

We took away all these ideas from the crit and came away and discussed how we were going to carry the idea forward. We decided that the guide was going to have general sections and sections that are more focussed. We have aimed the guide to the main countries travelled to for business and these are the ones that the specific information will be on.
The guide is going to be split into different sections. The majority of it is going to illustrated with some small amount of text.

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