Thursday, 8 December 2011

Language Infograph

This was the hardest info graph that i had to design and it took me a long time so i hope everyone likes it!

The idea behind it is to show the languages spoken across the country. To show this i thought of using a compass which splits the country up and each section of the compass is coloured in according to which language is the highest in it.
Aswell i will draw out the country and where the languages are spoken.

To start with i drew up the ideas for each one.
This idea uses the sections of the compass to show where the highest % of language is spoken

This idea is similar but the map of the country is inside it and the outers of the compass highlight the highest % of language spoken in that section.

I prefer the first one because it looks alot simpler and cleaner. The one with the map in doesn't really fit and i think it'll be too hard to read the information on it.

American map split into the different cities and showing what language is spoken throughout the whole of the map.

Exactly the same but for china

To do these i downloaded the maps and traced them onto paper, which i then used the internet to find the different areas and language spoken in each of them.

Finished map info graph - digital version of the sketch drawn above

Working out which language is the highest for each section of the compass

Finished compass infograph

Once i had made both graphs i took them into indesign and added them to the document i have been working on

Re drawing the key and sizing the graphs

Re sizing the graph and key

Aligning everything to page

As i found out when i did my initial sketch i had only done eastern china, so i had to draw around a map of the internet to get the shape of it right.

Map drawn with all cities drawn in

After drawing up the map i added the various colours to show the regions of china, the numbers relate to the language spoken in these

Overlaying the map onto the compass to find the highest for each section of the compass

Compass and map with labels of which section is the highest for spoken language

Added into the document in indesign, readjusting the label and aligning everything

Finished double page spread of both countries - 'How different languages are dispersed around America'. I am really pleased with this spread because it has taken me a long time to do and i think that the graphs are good and represent what they should do. I think they are easy to read and would be useful.

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