Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Making the guide

To start off with i set up the Indesign document.
 I set the pages to A5 and put it on facing pagesthis is the set up for a booklet/magazine

Once this had been set up i started to add everything to document by placing them - cmd + D, 
working within the purple square on the page, leaves room for bleed and folding it together.

Business mind

These two images show the set up of the page for the business mind pages. The idea is that a business man in china will act and think different to that of an American business man. There is a stereotypical businessman which off comes a chinese and American business head. Next to these we will add information about.
Aligning the key to the graph

Aligning everything to the centre of the page


Re sizing the climate chart and selecting the right font for the labelling of the graph shown in the screen shots above

Page design for the climate in both china and America. The information is shown in a bar graph. The idea is that the business man can look at this and see what type of clothes they needs and what to expect when they get there.

Currency conversions - so that businessman can see how much money he will get in each country.
orignal info graph that i came up with to represent the currency conversion
The re modelled info graph for the currency, this is alot more simple and easier to read, it fits in the page better too.
For the opposite side of the guide i carried on with the same idea but with more currency conversions

For the inital conversion; 1GBP - 1CNY and 1USD we thought of doing a scale to represent this, below is the stages of making the scale.

USD scale, showing that 1GBP is equivalent to $1.5 

CNY scale, showing that 1GBP is equivalent to ¥10

Business meetings - these pages are to show the differences of meeting styles within the two countries.
Resizing the graph to fit the page.

Aligning the key to the left of the page

Finished pages for the info graphs - text is still to be added.

How to pack a suitcase - these pages are to show what to pack and the best way to pack a case for travelling.
the suitcase is spread over the two pages so when you come to turn to the page it looks like you are opening the suitcase! This screenshot is showing the sizing of the case to the pages

Adding the key to the page

Final page - need the addition of the title.

Travel - This section is to inform the businessman how long and far it is from the major business cities in each country.

Two images above are of the clocks that show the time taken from one city to another

Adding the plane above the clocks shows that they are representing the time it takes to travel by plane

Adding the destinations and time taken below the clocks

Aligning it all together and the finished info graph for that bit.

Aligning the smaller planes which are representing the distance from one city to another

adding the text for the info graph

finished pages of infographs

Transport - these pages are to inform the businessman about the forms of transport and which are best to use in each country.
the graph showing the information

lining the labels for the graph up.

both graphs across the pages.

setting the right font for the page and the information that is going to be put in below the info graph

editing the text for the page

Info graph and text laid out on the page

Page set up

Setting up the master pages for the section colours down the side of the page - this is so the user can define which section they are in easily enough.

Arranging the titles of the pages. Nicky did this sort of style on her info graph page she gave me and i really liked the idea of, i think that it is clean and clear and represents business aswell.

I changed the colour of the black solid line to match that of the front cover, to tie it in throughout the book, it also highlights where the title is.

Economy - showing how both countries are split within the economy 
Percentages and catergories of each countries.

Dividing the pie charts up into the relevant sections.

Using live paint to fill each section of the pie chart with the relevant colour to the key.

Putting the graphs into Indesign and re scaling them

Re arranging the key and set the size of it.

adding text to the key

Finished pages for the economy of both countries.

Business card - as each country has a specific way at which you should hand out a business card, we thought it was relevant to include this in our guide.
Copying across the elements of the page to the Indesign document.

re-sizing everything on the page and getting it to work well together

Finished pages for the business card.

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