Tuesday, 6 December 2011


After our crit on friday, we all split up the sections within the guide and started to design the info graphs for them.
I was given language, travel and currency. I started to do some rough sketches of info graph ideas ready to show to the group. 

This info graph is about the language spoke in the different countries and how it is spread across the country.

How to format the phrases for each country

Currency info graph, working on how to display

Another version of currency info graph

How to fold a shirt - info graph on how to fold a shirt

Business culture

Notes above are working out the differences in the business culture in both america and china

The info graph for the business culture. Using basic symbols for the categories and showing the differences in each country by using a bar chart.

Development ideas

still to add - layout designs, front cover, better of ones above

After doing my initial sketches of the info graphs i drew some more ideas and developed them further, trying to make them more simple so the comprehend better to the audience.

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