Thursday, 17 November 2011

Re-worked proverb posters

From the crit we had on the proverb poster my feedback had a couple of things that i could improve them on.
1. Text on the type and image too small
2. Suit design using a shade of grey - 3 colours?

I have addressed both of these issues and re-printed the posters. I decided to change the stock of the poster too. When doing the mailshot brief i printed on a off white - grey coloured stock and i really liked the outcome of the colours on this stock and because i was keeping the two in a series i thought the posters would look good on this stock too and tie in better.

From doing this i have experimented with the three poster and now re-designed them. I think i prefer these to the orignals.

Image Poster

Image & Type


The three which would form the series of three posters

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