Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mail shots

So for this new brief, we are carrying on with the proverb theme and the work which we produce in the poster brief. This was to fit in with the Mail shots.
We have to produce a mail shot to do with our proverb. Everyone was given an occupation; mine is a window cleaner. I now have to relate my proverb to a window cleaner/produce a mail shot about my proverb which is written as a window cleaner.
To start off with this quite confused me, but in a workshop we went around everyones proverb and occupation and came up with concepts that could be taken from these. After this i started to get the idea of it and came up with some ideas that could be used.

I have chosen these ideas to take further as i think these are the ones which have the most mileage in. I particularly like the 'world as a window cleaner'.
The idea behind this is that window cleaners must see alot when they are out doing there job, be it in the streets or in peoples houses; i bet every window cleaner has a cheeky look into someones house. The idea is based upon this, the fact that when your in your own house behind closed doors, you do things which can make you not so perfect. The window cleaner is the one most likely to see this. The mail shot would have funny stories of what window cleaners have seen on their rounds, to make it light hearted and something to laugh about, but also have facts and statistics about window cleaning in there too. This would be the main content of the mailer and would direct you to a website which you could find out more information. There is no real purpose to the mailer, except showcase the fact that nobody is perfect!

The idea of the questionnaire would be something that window cleaners/companies would send out to their customers basically to find out if they are doing a good job and if the customers are happy with the service. So i would designing a mail shot for others, which is the only thing im not sure about, i dont know if this fits the brief properly.

The third idea is 'the not so perfect window cleaner'. This idea is taking the proverb and saying that not everyone is perfect and do everything 100% right all the time. So the fact the window cleaner might miss something or forget to do a job, isnt the end of the world. The mailer would show some of these scenarios and have the ways to get out of it and the consequences of doing it in the first place. The main point of it would be to show customers how a window cleaner could be getting the better of you, or how window cleaners can do a better a job and become the perfect window cleaner!

From this i did some research into the designs of mail shots and how they are folded etc. I also started to research into the information i would need to take this ideas further. I think i am going to concentrate on the first idea, as i like it the most and think it would be more fun/ the outcome would be something light hearted and funny. I will see if people in the crit will agree with me!

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