Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The idea

Basically the idea behind this is that the mailer is about seeing the world as a window cleaner and the things that window cleaners see when they are doing there job. The concept is based on the proverb 'nobody is perfect' so i thought when people are in there own homes behind closed doors, they do things which makes them not so perfect, which if anyone is going to see it will be the window cleaner! The mailer is to showcase this by having stories from window cleaners on some of the things they've seen in there time cleaning, but also to have some facts/stats about window cleaning to give it more of a purpose. The mailer will also direct you to a website which would be forum based where stories are posted etc. The purpose of the mailer is to get the fact across that not everyone in the world is perfect and that we all do silly/stupid/embarrassing things in life. 

Mailer design
From the research i did into mailers/mail shots i found that theres wasn't really a standard format to work to, you could basically do anything you want. I did see lots of fold out posters, which i have decided i want to keep away from, just because i think its been done lots and i want to try and do something more creative, also with them i think people will take one look at it and just forget about it. I did see lots of mailers which were like little packs, something which had things inside. I liked the idea of this because it gives the viewers something to actually undo and look it, so they actually will take notice of it and hopefully it will stick with them. As we have to stick to something fitting into an envelope, i cant do anything 3D, so i came up with the envelope unwrapping and revealing the things inside. Inside the envelope will be information about the mailer and also have a illustration design which can be kept as a poster as it will be the size of an A3 page. Inside the envelope will be little cards, sort of like business cards, on these will have the funny stories on one side and the other have a fact/stat or a joke or something. Again this is to make the viewer actually pick it up and interact with the mailer, hopefully making it stay in there mind. The info cards are something to be light hearted and give the viewer something to laugh about, but also it gets the message across that nobody is perfect. 

I made a small mock up of what the packaging would be like

As the mailer will have to be mass produced i have decided that instead of doing a double sided print and having to try line everything up etc that the front of the envelope would be a sticker, this makes it abit more interesting and adds its own style to the mailer. 

As we have to keep the mailer in lines with the previous brief to make them a set of work, i have decided to use the same colours. These do also link into the theme as the blue shows calm and it doesn't take your eyes away from the rest of the information, it also links into water which window cleaners use. The grey works well with the blue and to me gives an industrial feel, something that window cleaners clean and the business they are involved in. The white is the colour of the stock and adds a third colour, but isn't a colour.

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