Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Designing a typeface for your partner

For the second brief of Alphabet Soup, we were to design a typeface for a partner we were put with. My partner was Steph, which was good because she is in my blog group so i already new her.

To start with we were given a questionnaire to fill out, which would provide each other information about ourselves, this was to be used to base our typefaces on.

From this questionnaire i pulled out some things that i thought i could use to design the typeface with:
-Jungle Bugs
-No concentration
-City life
-Smell of fajitas

From this list i started to think of things within these that i could use to design the typeface, which i then started to do some quick sketches for visual ideas.

-No concentration - 'hard to focus' type which is out of focus/layered up

-Travelling - using road maps/directions to make up the letters

-Each letter to represent something from a different country

-Jungle Bugs - making each letter out of a bug/ lots of little bugs

From these ideas have i drawn out, i did some further research to try and develop the ideas more. From the ones above i have decided to use either the 'jungle bugs' or 'no concentration' ideas, i will experiment with both ideas more before i decide which one to carry all the way through. I have chosen these two ideas because i think these two are the best out of the lot, they have a certain look to them which once completed and developed more i think will look really effective and look like a good typeface.

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