Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Further Development

For the 'Jungle Bug' idea i thought i would try designing some of the letters on photoshop using my graphics tablet to see what it would look like digital. I found it ore difficult trying to make the fur look real and adding the bits to make it look more alive. I still think it looks effective and works well as a typeface. I am going to doing some of letters hand drawn to see which out of the two i prefer before starting on the full alphabet. Out of the two ideas i was carrying forward this is my favourite at the minute.

For the 'Focus' typeface i have done some simple designs using an existing font, Bebas; which Steph told me was her favourite font and i have layered up sections of the letterform to make it look out of focus. I quite like the idea of this, but think i need to experiment with the layering of the letter to make it look better.

Within this idea of 'No concentration' i came up with using 'attention' as a theme for another typeface, this would have sections of the letter missing, as if you don't pay attention then you cant remember the information or its missing from you. On the image below i have done two versions, one is using a rectangle shape to delete part of the letter and the other is using a random shape. I think i prefer the random shape ones as they look more interesting.

I am still unsure which idea to go with yet as i like the look of all three of them. Each one is good in its own way.
- I like the contrast of using the black and white bug together in the 'jungle bug' typeface, i think it makes it stand out more and it looks aesthetically better than the rest.  
- In the 'focus' ones i like the 'A' the most, with this one i just layered the shapes and didn't add anything to the shapes, unlike the rest i put a stroke around them so they could layer over the top but i don't think they look as good that way.
- On the 'attention' ones i like the 'L' the most, this one was one that i used a random shape to delete part of the letterform, not alot of the shape has been deleted so you can distinguish the letter still which i think makes it look better. 

I am going to try do all three designs hand drawn and see if that makes any difference, for the last two ideas, i don't think it will look as good, as its hard to show layers etc when hand drawing, but for the 'jungle bug' i think it could be as good if not better. 
I will produce these by friday to take to my crit and see what everyone else thinks of them, hopefully they will be able to help me in deciding with idea to run with.

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