Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress of posters

Now that i had decided my final three designs, i started to re-draw the suit image on illustrator. I found this quite easy as using tips from the workshops we've been having. I have used illustrator before but never been confident enough to use it as a main part of my design work, so the workshops have helped me alot and i think ive done a good job of it.

To start with i scanned in my original drawing and re-drew it, i only drew half of it as i could mirror it and create the full suit. This saved me alot of time and also made it look better as its all the same. 

This is the full image of the suit after the first half had been mirrored, from this i created the rest of the design.

As i had said i was going to have a question mark as the head, to represent the fact that you cant define a perfect person. This is the final image i will use on the poster designs.

I did a mock up of the image poster on illustrator, but i decided that doing the proper ones would be easier for me on photoshop as im not as confident with colouring in the suit on illustrator as i am photoshop.

From this last image i started to work up my final three poster designs on photoshop.

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