Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Experimentations of posters

As i was designing the poster on the image and image and text ones i came up with a few variations, these are the ones which i chose between.

The difference on these two is the way the question is laid out at the top. One is straight and in Time New roman the other is curved and in Helvetica. I have chosen to use the Helvetica one because i feel the text being in a curve adds a little more to the design, it breaks up everything being straight and in line also the text is in the same font as the body text at the bottom which i feel works better.

These two are different by the jumper and tie colours being switched around. The one with the blue jumper, is done just using two colours, the other is two colours but a different shade of grey is used. I prefer the grey jumper one because it looks alot better, it separates the suit image from the background and makes it stand out on the page more, giving it a greater impact on the viewer.

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