Thursday, 6 October 2011

Further Experiment

Now i have decided i am going to do the 'focus' theme for my typeface i thought i would try experiment with a couple of things to see what else i could come up with.

Here i have made the letterforms look out of focus, i think that these gets the message across straight away and represents it very well, but i wont be able to get this effect doing it hand drawn so i dont think this will be any good. I still really like the effect it gives though, all though using the blending mode on photoshop.
Here i have used the motion blur tool to get this effect, again i dont think i am able to recreate this idea with a hand drawn technique.
With this one i have taken the orignal typeface i have designed but added the lower case letter into the design of each letterform, this is to add to the theme of focus/attention, as without them you dont really know what your doing hence you dont know weather it upper or lower case. I like the idea of this, but i think it may look abit busy on the letters.

Statement of Intent:
I have now decided that i am going to base my typeface on 'Concentration' and use Bebas as the font i will manipulate.

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