Friday, 7 October 2011

Progress crit

In todays progress crit i showed the work i had done so far. Showing the ideas of my 'concentration' typeface.
In crit i asked weather my typeface gave across the idea of concentration/focus/attention and the majority of people said that it didnt when you first looked at it but once explained that it did. So in my eyes i took that as a no.
People in my group said that the experimenting i did on photoshop work really well and that i should try do that in a hand drawn way.
Also going back to the original stuff i have done, but use other letters inside the main letter to try and communicate concentrate, because you would have to concentrate on the letter to determine what it is.

I like the second idea that i was said the most and think that it could work. I am going to try out both and see what i get from them. 

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