Monday, 17 October 2011

Proverb ' Nobody is perfect'

This brief is about proverbs. Everyone in the group got a proverb each which we have to design 3 posters on; one just type, another with an image and third combining the two.

After we all got our proverb we quickly researched them to find out the meanings of it.

After this we had to come up with 50 ideas for our poster designs within the time given. To start with i began to think of things which symbolised perfect.

After this i started on my designs.

The final page i have the three ideas that i have decided to carry on through. My idea is to use the top half of a person in a suit and instead of having a head use a question mark. I thought of this because you cant define a perfect person, you can choose clothes and design clothes (hence the suit) but you cant define what a perfect person looks like or acts like, so thats what the question mark is representing. On the typography poster i am going to use a phrase which is 'I'm a nobody so that means i'm perfect', this is again a play on words to do with the phrase i was given. It also links back to the image i am going to design. The third poster is going to have the image on and some text. There will be a question at the top which is ' What is a perfect person' or something similar to this. Underneath the image i am going to have some text about perfection within people. 

I feel that this answers the brief and it all ties in with the phrase of 'Nobody is perfect' which means Nobody doesn't have a flaw, everyone does something wrong in there life, without doing this they wouldn't be human. Everyone makes mistakes, but thats how we learn in life.

From this i have drawn up my ideas better, so that i have a clear view of what i want to achieve.
To start with i drew up some suits in different positions.

These images above show the ideas of the suits for the image i want to create. They're all similar but in different positions. I have decided that i don't like the one with a cross on, because the question mark would be the wrong way around which is too confusing. I like either the straight on version or the one on the angle. 

I have decided that i will use the flat on version, i decided this because it keeps it more simple as there will be other things going on on the poster and i don't want it all to look too confusing. Here is the flat on image so that i can trace it when i am designing to make it easier.

These are the final 3 posters that i am going to create, or very similar, all these elements are going to be on each poster but i may play around with the layout of each to get the best result and impact when looking at it.

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