Friday, 14 October 2011

Final Typeface

This is my final typeface, the traced version. I think that it looks good and communicates across what i want it to; concentration. 

Close up of letters

Close up of letters - if you can see on here the finish of the pen isn't that great, it has dried in splodges, which i don't really like, but i think thats just because of the media used. when up against a wall or with paper underneath it looks like normal. 

Digital Version - this is the digital version of the typeface, i much prefer this to the hand drawn one, just because the finish is much better like this, it looks a lot neater and i think the presentation is better, but this wasn't the format to be handed in in.

Close up of letters -  you can see how crisp and clean the edges are compared to the hand drawn.

Overall i am really pleased with the typeface that i have produced. I think that i have communicated the word 'concentration' well in the way that i have explained. I think when you look at it you can determine what the message is meant to be straight away. Also i have developed my drawing skills a considerable amount in this project, i would now be more confident in doing hand drawn type. I have asked Steph if she likes the typeface and she has said she does and agrees that it communicates the message across, so that is good!

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