Monday, 10 October 2011

Scale of Letters

In our design principles lessons we have been looking at the atomony of type. Within this we have been looking at scale.

Our first task was to use our existing research from our summer brief and use 5 letters from this, each having a upper and lower case version. We then had to scale these up into different sizes.

From these letters we had to cut them up into the atomony that makes the type and make a new version of each letter. After this we traced them off and make an outlined and block version of each new letter, we then scaled them into the different sizes.

This is the cut up atomony from each letter to make my own new letters. 

After i made each new letterform i traced over them to get an outline of the letter

Again i did the same as above but coloured the letters in to make a block letterform

After this i scanned each letter in and scaled them up and down into the different scales we did right at the beginning, this was to see if the letterforms worked at each scale.

After i resized each letter, we had to choose our favourite letter from the ones we had made and then make a digital version of the letter in light, regular, bold and ultrabold and a italic version of each. After this we had trace them off and make them into a block letter and outline letter again. Below is the letter i choose and the different weights its at.

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