Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Final Posters

This is the type poster. I have changed the proverb slightly on this to twist it in what it is saying, which gives you a different view on it i think. The original proverb is 'nobody is perfect' this is saying that because they are a nobody they are perfect, which makes sense when looking at the proverb again after. I have tried to communicate the words using different fonts too. 'nobody' is in helvetica which is quite a straight forward, nothing about it, standard font; like a 'nobody' putting it in outline presents this more i feel. To convey this more the words around it i put in 'Times New Roman' as this is a serif font and show importance, class and sophistication, i think this communicates the fact of being a nobody more. Then 'perfect' i put in a script font as this represents elegance, sophistication and looks posh/upper class. As a design altogether i think using the different fonts on the main words gives a better impact and gets the message across better.

The image poster is the image of the suit with a question mark as a head. I did this as you cant define what a perfect person looks like. You can design clothes etc which a person has; hence the suit, but you cant define what a perfect person looks like or how they behave; which is why i chose to use the question mark as the head.

The third is the image and type poster. For this i have used the image of the suit and question mark again, this makes them all into a set of posters. With this poster i wanted to make it into a question, to question people what they think is a perfect person or how you define one. The question is 'What is a perfect person' i purposely didn't put a question mark on the end as the question mark in the image is meant to be part of it, making your eye flow down the page to see all of the design. At the bottom of the poster, i have some writing which i found online from a piece of writing a physchologist had written about perfectionists. I felt that it fitted in with what i was trying to question. In brief it is questioning why people want to be so perfect, is it because of there job/hobbies or is just the way they are, but in the end everyone has an element of being a perfectionist in there own way. I think this backs up the idea of not being about to define a perfect person. Then at the end i have written 'what do you think?' again to make the viewer think about the message of the poster, i put this in white to make it stand it out and make it more personal to the reader, to try and get them to engage and think about the question. 

Final Crit

For the crit for this brief we did it in a different way, we had to lay out all of our poster and people would come round anonymously and fill out a form to crit the work. Everyone would get two of these done.
With the forms i got back i have highlighted the things which i was told could be improved with them. There was only really two things which were, look at text on typographic poster and work the text on the bottom of the type and image more, to make it more legible.
The rest of the comments were really positive, which i was pleased with.

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