Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print // Production manual

For the first half of this module we are producing a commercial print manual, which is to cover all aspects of the commercial print process. Each manual will be aimed for ourself as it is for us and for what we are interested in within the design industry.

For my manual i am using the software workshops, seminars/presentation and all other workshops we have had within taught sessions to use for my content along with my own research i am taking from both text books and the internet. I have also sourced samples of different stock, finishes and printing processes/techniques to use within the manual.

I have split my manual down into different sections which are as follow:

Book 1 - Designing for commercial print
- general
- layout
- image

Creative techniques
- overprint
- halftone
- gradients
- tints
- spot colour
- monotones

- formats
- document set up
- bleed, slug, margin
- registration
- trapping
- imposition
- proofing

Book 2 - Production for commercial print
- lithography
- gravure
- pad
- flexography
- digital

- screen printing
- letterpress
- woodblock
- monoprint

- qualities
- types

Book 3 - Finishes
- types
- techniques

Special finishes
- foiling
- emboss/deboss
- spot varnish
- die cut

- types of folds

- coatings
- varnishes

Having these 3 books with the content i have researched and collected i feel will cover all the knowledge and information needed about commercial print. Within the books i have catered them to my own needs.

Along with the books i am going to provide samples of different finishes and printing processes/techniques. I will also collect different stock to make swatches of these too.

This will all be collected together and presented in a information pack, which will be some sort of folder to enclose all the above products. Within the design of this folder and the books, i want to put into practice the knowledge of said finishes etc to show the theory i have learnt.

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