Tuesday, 9 October 2012

OUGD504//Packaging Crit

After designing and making the packaging for today we had a group crit on the products themselves. Each group consisted of 6 people and we worked in pairs to crit everyone else's products.

- Good construction of nets
- Design continues well throughout products and is consistent
- Layout strong. Type size is appropriate to format of packaging
- Build quality is good, well put together.

Areas for Improvements:
- Thicker stock could have been used to make it more durable
- Make guidelines less noticeable
- Massive drop shadow on logo on smaller packaging box
- Leader not consistent across packaging
- Remove guidelines on packaging.

Strength comments:
I am happy with the comments that i got about the strengths of my work, i feel as though i did take a lot of time over the construction of the nets and that has obviously reflected within the feedback. I am pleased about the packagings being good across all products and working as a set as that was the idea that i was focussing on when designing the packaging; to keep them consistent across all products but to vary the design too.

Areas of improvements comments:
The reason i used that particular stock was because i wanted to go for the texture of it to work within the packaging and the look it gives for the company, it was meant to give a recycled look to the packaging, but i do agree that it wasn't strong enough for the packaging.
The guidelines are something i didn't want to be there anyway but i couldn't do it any other way for the folding of the packaging.
The leader on the packaging i did realise was inconsistent after i had printed the designs, but i also didn't think that the leader would work on all the different formats, so maybe i shouldnt have included it at all.

Overall i am pleased with the feedback i have received and i do agree with everything that has been said about my work. I think this has been a good exercise and i have enjoyed the process of doing it.

Group common feedback:
- Craft quality of nets
- Set of range - work across all products
- Stock quality
- Craft quality of the overall piece
- Alignment / orientation of logo on packaging
- Details for sale

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