Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Vw Promotional material// Mail Out

For the welcome pack i wanted to do something different to that i have done before, this started off with being the design for the flyer, but i thought it best suited the welcome pack and the idea behind it also fit better with this.
It will be a mail out pack which includes all the information needed on times, dates, place, price, information on the festival and stalls etc.

The welcome pack is in two parts, theres the envelope (which also acts as part of the design for the welcome pack) and the small publication for the info inside.

Initial idea, which was quickly drawn out digitally.

Tidying up the design and making everything fit within the space, 

After tidying up the design i corrected the sign post to make it all equal and then added the colour, shadow and the event name within it.

The bottom half of the design will be the address area which will fold in half to make the wallet section for the leaflet to slide in.

The blank square on the front of the design is where the leaflet will slide in, through the front of this you will see the front cover of the leaflet. The leaflet will include information on dates, places, where, prices, background information and more info on the festival on the sunday.

Leaflet design

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