Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VW Promotional material//Poster

Again with the poster i wanted it to look and fit in with the other promotional material products, so i have used the same style and colours to create the design. With this poster i wanted to use a different format to normal so i have done it at a 2:1 ratio, making it a tall and thin poster. I used the same sign post and VW transporter.

The initial start to the poster, positioning the transporter and the signpost, the two elements i have used across all 3 formats.

Adding the main title to the poster, this time i used the name aswell as the signpost to make sure it was known what the event was. 

Adding the other information around the title, main information of the event. This balanced out the title and made that section of the poster stand out and catch your eye the most.

From the publication i did previous i wanted to use the same colours so i brought in the reddy/pink on the important information to make that different to the title, but im not sure weather it works as it is quite light and doesnt stand off the page that well.

Within the poster, i wanted to illustrate the fact that it is a convoy across the country and i thought adding in the road would show this best. keeping it to the right hand side, still left room to add extra information about the event.

Finally i added in the rest of the information, the top section is some background info about the event and why it was being held, the other information is straight to the point about the event.
I also added the background colour because it was looking a little bland, but as you can see the date and place on the title now doesnt really work or stand out anymore.

To address that factor i changed the pink back to white and now it works much better and reads better. 

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