Sunday, 7 October 2012

VW // 10 interesting facts about

10 reasons why I chose my subject matter:

- I am very interested in the VW campervans anyway and are a favourite of mine, so I knew I would be interested in the subject for the length of the brief and I also wanted to learn more about them.

- I have wanted to do design work around automobile for a long time, so using this opportunity to do that made sense to me and it was something different to what i normally do.

- To change the perception of VW Transporters as alot of people just see them as a hippy vehicle.

- ' The VW transporters were the first 'peoples car' and a passenger vehicle and changed everyday working life as they were the first affordable and reliable vehicle that working men and women could use everyday for multiple occasions.' this piece of information is what i wanted to work around and communicate to the readers.

- I never knew that there was so many different models within the VW Transporter range, which when i found this out, it changed the direction of my work and expanded my research into new areas.

- Working with image, type and illustration within my work, I haven't done that much design work using imagery and i wanted to explore this and try something new.

- Photography as part of my work - i knew for the primary research and content of my work i needed to use my own photography of the vehicles, which again isn't really something that i have included in my work before.

- The format I chose for the publication meant I needed to learn a new binding technique, which is something I am interested in, so that was good to learn for my own practice.

- Looking into the old VW advertising and design work was good to see, as I showed me what design was like back in the 60's when the Transporters were released.


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