Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Web Design//The purpose of a website

A website is used for :
- promotion
- informing
- persuasion
- contact
- entertainment

 - Every website has a target audience - NOT EVERYONE

Important factors a website must have:
- Usability
- Aesthetics
- Work well


Task 1:
What would you include on your own personal website:
- Homepage - show selected work // include links out to pages // general bio
- About me - info on myself // my practice
- Current work/portfolio - showcase any work // on going work // info on work
- Contact - how to contact // contact details // social network
- Archive? - past work // all work in general

Group list:
- homepage - name // job title // branding // selected work // news
Most important page of the website, needs to attract people to stay on your website. Incite people to it, show yourself off. Get the right balance, up to you what you want to show.

- landing page? NO

- contact page - footer on every page instead

- about page - include cv maybe? dependant upon what you want the website to be used as, if wanting to work for a big company include, if own freelance designer no need - portfolio does it for you

- portfolio - Display work, recent, past etc

- shop - dependant on what sort of designer you are - buy prints etc

- blog - link to blog about day to day work - interests

- Fees - quotes // dependant on company again - screen print company - list products and price etc

Task 2:
Choose the pages you would include in your website and design the first page.

- looks very professional // layout and composition works well
- looks very formal and professional at same time // side bar maybe have an image on it? // very good use of main section & headers // breakdown of portfolio is effective
- professional looking layout // interesting idea with portfolio window // very engaging and usable website layout
- Shop should be with other links // is portfolio on homepage? // like breakdown of portfolio
- initially confusing to look at as a lot of text // layout strong with good links across top, why shop down side?
- put shop link at top with rest // be careful on big spacing on left hand side // like idea of viewing window - more interactive // may not be fastest when loading.
- quite a lot going on - only one image needed // links should be put together // logo placed in good position.

Common Feedback:
- clean layout but unoriginal
- navigation
- redundant features
- kiss
- grids

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