Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VW Promotional material//Flyer design

For the flyer i wanted to create something that was simple but caught your eye. I wanted to put on some background information and the important info, but then leave the rest as this would be on the website or in a leaflet form.

Using the same as the welcome pack with the sign post, as i want them to be all in keeping with them. The VW obviously to show what the event is about without having to write 'VW' on it. Once printed the flyer will be cut out to the outline shape, to make it different and to stand out more. 

Adding in the information to the flyer, the date and place as this is the most important information needed.

Lastly the finished flyer with all information added. The top section is very brief background info to the event. The bottom information is more about the event and then price information and directing to the website.

I am still not 100% sure about the bottom information section as it doesn't sit the best on the flyer. It makes the bottom half of the flyer look unbalanced, so i may re-work that section of it.

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