Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OUGD504//Branding and Packaging Workshop

Today was the start of our new module on design production. We were looking at branding and packaging, which we had brought our own examples of these in with us.
We split down into groups and shared the examples we had with us, from everything we had, we had to sort it out into three different piles or good, medium and bad design.
My own packaging items.

Criteria for packaging - the sustainability / weather it fit its purpose of use / reusability / design processes used 

The good packaging - best of everything

The Medium packaging - in between the two, having some traits of both good and bad packaging

The bad packaging - the worst packaging out of everything.

From this exercise we came up with a definitive list of criteria for the three categories of packaging:

- nice feeling stock
- sustainability
- looks expensive
- durability
- net complexity
- colour - print process

- disposability
- good durability but design doesnt match
- not amazing design or stock - mundane
- familiarity with product / brand

- overcrowded design
- mass production - looks like it
- poor quality design/images
- attempting mimicry
- unnecessary packaging.

After we had looked into the packaging, we started to look at the branding. This was alot harder task than the previous. 
For the branding task we had to choose one of our packaging products from the previous exercise and make it into a 2D net, from this we would apply the 5 different branding elements we had collected to this net 20 times to create a variety of layouts and process that could be used for the one net.

After doing this we now how to choose one of the branding we had designed and then apply this across all 5 of our packaging products. This time we have to make the physical net and print / do the printing process onto the packaging. Each net would have the branding applied to it in a different way.  

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