Wednesday, 17 October 2012

OUGD504//Design for web

We were briefed today about the design for web section of this module. This is going to kick off next week with software and technical workshops to gain a better understanding of web design.
For this brief we are going to be working with the material and research we collected over the summer for our 'history of' brief.
So for me I will be creating a website based around VW and VW camper vans, which will be good for me and interesting to design around.
After going through the brief we looked at the websites we had collected and general characteristics of good and bad website designs

Group bad characteristics:
- use of colour - garish backgrounds/fonts, hyperlinks in blue and underlined
- Animations, gifs, competitive attention, pixelation, compression
- Images, overcrowding, edgy layout, loading
- Navigation, usability, interlinking, quality links
- Text, too much text

Group good characteristics:
- clear links
- fluid layout
- simple design
- easy navigation
- few colours
- grid layout
- imagery
- unique layouts

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