Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VW Promotional material// Crit feedback

We had a crit today which was about the final promotional material, for this i had all my work present but not in the final state. Everything was only mock up prints as i didnt have time to print them proper and the flyer i didnt get round to laser cutting it out so i proposed that i was going to do it and took a print out of what it would look like.

My questions to ask about my own work and to be critted on:
1. Does the three products work well as a set?
2. Does the style of the work suit the content?
3. Out of the three, which do you think could be improved?
4. Are the formats of the three products suited?
5. What are your opinions on the mail out?
6. Does the type & colour over all three products work well together?
7. Would the promotional material

Feedback 1:
- the envelope for the event guide is well interactive and interesting. We like the cropped bus in the corners. The idea that its a send out makes it more personal.

Areas for improvements
- Maybe more different illustrations/more hippie colours/make it more inviting and eye catchy. With the poster - less info/keep it simple. It looks bait sad and not as welcoming. (different colour)

- What stock would you use for this?

Feedback 2:
- The work works really well as a series. The post card idea with the book is imaginative. The designs are all consistent. The format of the mail out is portable and would work well in different locations on a road trip. Clean layouts in the booklets.

Areas for improvements
- The style of the work doesn't instantly scream out VW. the colours dont connect to the history of the VW.
If you want to attract more people to your promos change the colour around. ( colour of VW Vans and Cornwall?)

- what paper stock would you consider to use.
- could you apply this work to a van so people can keep your work. eg bumper sticker.
- Where would you put these promotions

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