Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Software Workshop//Design for web//Session 1

Good & Bad website design:

- bland
- boring
- dark
- 'olly' stand out
olly moss website created with indexhibit - simple text, simple navigation, brings up work


- flashing
- bright
- grid
- created using cargo - content is there straight away, dont have use links

- german
- speech
- city

- illustrator
- black and white
- plain
- cafe

- japan
- vector
- colour

- geometric
- loud
- pastel
- photo
- collage
- misplaced

- tony & guy hairdresser
- bold
- professional
- book

- art
- paint
- wood
- furniture
- image

- white
- lego
- ikea
- simple
- centre

3 questions that you should always ask yourself when designing a website:
- What is the purpose of the website?
- Who is the target audience?
- What do the target audience need? Why going on website?
How to get answers of these questions:
- Researching like minded people to see how they are tackling and what including on a department.
- Focus groups
-  You will never be the target audience for a website.

Common characteristics between all websites:
- Navigation
- Type
- Image
= a fully working website.

Limitations of designing for web:
- Size - design for lowest common denominator.

- Resolution - big difference in displays nowadays - PPI - 72dpi - internet was created on apple map, these screens had 72 pixels per inch. because was created on apple mac, everything was designed for the computer and for the 72 dpi as this is what the apple mac had. 96ppi is the new web design DPI. Retina is now 227 ppi.

- Font used - have to pay a license to use all fonts. WEBSAFE fonts. Use the font family within website design, fonts arent embedded into the file, so if one is missing it will select one from the font family. Make font as an image.

-  Colour - colour mode RGB - every screen has different variations. WEBSAFE COLOUR. Hexadecimal colour code - how you specify colour for web design.

HTML - Hyper text markup language
CSS - Cascading style sheets
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
CMS - Content Management System

- Domain name and hosting is needed to be bought to be able to have a website online
- When you go onto the website you see the graphical version of the HTML/CSS coding.

Safari > View > View Source

Workflow of web designer:
- Get work off client
- Produce scamp
- Client will choose and sign off one design
- Client manage content - designer manage content - designer will charge for management

- Dimensions: 1024 x 768
- Font family: Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif
- Align: Central
- Background: White
- Navigation: Top - 70% - centre - 720px
- Pages: 4
- Button: 180 x 100 px  
- Content: Grid - 3x3 - 341px, 341px, 342px 

Create 3 scamps for history of research. 

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