Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VW promotional material// What its for

When researching into my chosen subject initially, i found that the VW transporters were part of alot of different cultures, in some being the cult symbol for them; hippy and sufer/skateboard. This was because the vehicles were so easy to run, easy to repair and offered alot of room for transporation but also for long journeys and staying over in the vehicle on the travels.
The idea of travelling and using the vehicle as a 'home on wheels' was where i got my idea for the event from. When travelling especially when you have no given destination, its like you are on the 'road to nowhere', it doesn't matter where you end up or stay because there is no set places to reach.
The name of the event 'road to nowhere' came from this idea and the event is based around that too. It would be a sort of convoy in which enthusiasts would meet at a given place and then travel all together for a certain distance to them reaching a open grounds to which a day festival would happen.
The idea is to take the idea of the festivals that happen today that celebrate the life of the VW transporters but then also add in this idea of travelling like the hippies and sufers used the VWs for.

The promotional material that i am going to make for this is:
- Poster - this will be A3 sized at a 2:1 ratio (42x21cm)
- A5 flyer
- Welcome pack

All the promotional will be in keeping with the publication i created throughout the summer, to make it a full body of work.

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