Sunday, 5 February 2012

100 things…Postcard

As a last product, i thought i would do a postcard which has a design on one side and the other would be information about the pack as a whole and reference to further information online.
I thought of this idea because in the crit on friday one of the things that were commented were that the products needed direction and an actual use to them. The guide obviously do have a use as the audience will read them and carry them with them, but having the link to further information adds a secondary use to the products. The website would have downloads of the guides in digital format, a interactive pdf and downloads to put the guides on your iphone/ipad.


Chosen Design

I chose to use this design because i think that it is the better one. It conveys Australia alot more with having the photos in the background, using the blending modes on this part, adds an effect to the design and makes the photos blend in more with the background as i didnt want them to be the first thing you see.

Printed postcard

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